This Fall: iBraryGuy goes Full TILT!

TILT PNG LOGOIn the three years since we launched this second version of the iBraryGuy blog, a lot about the legal information profession has changed. From the jobs that we do, to the ways in which we do them, to the very tools that we use to make our value known, the industry has undergone some incredibly exciting developments. It has been a wonderful time to be both a law librarian and a blogger marking the pace of that evolution.  In the spirit of these advances, iBraryGuy is also about to go undergo another change of its own.  Join us on Monday, September 28 as we unveil our new and expanded blog – TILT. Continue reading “This Fall: iBraryGuy goes Full TILT!”

iBraryGuy Talks More about Innography on FreePint Blog

When the Software & Information Industry Association named the winners of its 2014 CODiE Awards on 30 January, patent powerhouse Innography walked away with two of the coveted trophies.

Named both Best Legal Information Solution and Best Service Using Aggregated Content, the seven-year-old company found its flagship product a finalist in three CODiE categories. Continue reading “iBraryGuy Talks More about Innography on FreePint Blog”

On Firmer Ground Turns 2!

Add another candle to the cake! On Firmer Ground, the little law librarian blog that could, has turned two years old. Wow, has it grown!

Started in June 2011 by members of the Legal Division of the Special Libraries Association and the Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries, On Firmer Ground (OFG) quickly turned into a bit of a global juggernaut. Within weeks of its debut, the site had signed on editors from law library groups in Europe, Africa, and the Pacific. Currently, there are seven participating organizations churning out content designed to demonstrate that real value of law firm librarians. The full list is below.

When OFG launched at the end of June 2011, it did so with one post and 90 views. In the two years since, the blog has published almost 60 entries and racked up almost 81,000 visits! A mere two followers has turned into over 1000. That is no small feat for a team of seven very busy editors. OFG is run entirely by volunteers on a shoe-string budget. Their only compensation is te satisfaction of knowing that they are making a strong case for the future vitality and value of their profession.

So happy second birthday, On Firmer Ground! Keep those blog posts rolling!

OFG Participating organizations: the Legal Division of the Special Libraries Association, the Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries, the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (l’Association Canadienne des Bibliothèques de Droit), the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians, the Australian Law Librarians’ Association, the New Zealand Law Librarians’ Association, and the Organisation of South African Law Libraries.

Site: On Firmer Ground

iBraryGuy Talks about Activist Librarians!

From On Firmer Ground:

Recently while speaking at the Ark Group’s Best Practices & Management Strategies for Law Firm Library & Information Service Centers conference in New York, I said something that seemed to really resonate with the audience. I was talking about methods for driving resource utilization and optimization, when I shared my opinion that there is little room in the law firm information industry for passive librarians. What we need to survive and thrive as a profession, I postulated, are true activist librarians. Judging by the discussion after my presentation and the tweets I saw online, my point hit home. Continue reading “iBraryGuy Talks about Activist Librarians!”

Death knell for Posterous?

Posterous has been an iBraryguy favorite in the “microblogging” wars that have seen Tumblr rise to a place of prominence.  Though we certainly like Tumblr for its amazing ease of use, there is just something more elegant  . . . more professional . . . to the workings and look of Posterous.

Earlier this week, Twitter announced that it had acquired Posterous.  The initial question was what this meant for Posterous, moreso than Twitter.  Would the site survive?

According to the message sent to Posterous users, the site is staying available for now.  There was no mention of suture support and development however.  Not a good sign.  News outlets such as CNN are reporting the Posterous engineers have already been assigned to other projects within Twitter.  Also not a good sign.  Perhaps the most telling news is that Posterous has advised its users that any disruption in service will be preceded by a warning and that they are already preparing instructions to assist users who wish to migrate their blogs to other sites.

Though we would hate to see Posterous go, it appears that the handwriting is already on the wall … er, web ….  It will be interesting to see what happens next for both Posterous and Twitter.  Twitter has certainly picked up some new talent.  Sadly, it could mean the end of one of the web’s cooler blogging platforms.

The Conference Circuit Keeps You Current!

Few things keep us info pros as current and connected as our beloved conferences.  From tradeshows to colloquia, there seems to be something interesting going on every couple of weeks.  Staying on top of it all can be more wearisome than the work week itself.  Thanks to Don Hawkins and his blog  The Conference Circuit, we can now keep current without having to leave our desks (except to attend a conference or two ourselves, of course!).

Readers of Information Today will know Don from his monthly conference column there.  Having worked in the information industry for over 30 years, he has come to be a bit of a conference maven.  Don knows where all the good meetings are and knows how to make the most of them.  As a conference blogger, he captures his experiences on the road with great detail, excellent insight, and a god bit of humor.  Through words and pictures, Don brings the industry’s best conferences directly to you.

Don recently covered the Special Libraries Association annual conference in Philadelphia.  It comes to life on The Conference Circuit through a series of very interesting posts and first-hand impressions.  Sure, our “60 Sites in 60 Minutes” session did not make Don’s blog.  But we will not hold that against him . . . this year.  😉

So keep an eye on The Conference Circuit for the conferences you can’t attend.  It is the next best thing to actually being there!

Netvibes + iBraryGuy = LibraryVibes, News for the Info World!

The iBraryGuy team knows how much our audience loves being on top of the latest developments in the world of libraries and information technology.  So we are always hard at work trying to find new and enjoyable ways of bringing the latest and greatest to you.  One of our side projects designed to help you keep your finger on the puls of our profession is a blog and news aggregator that we have lovingly dubbed “LibraryVibes“.

Created on the powerful NetVibes platform, LibraryVibes brings you some of the best library, technology, and news feeds in a format that is as easy on the eyes as it is to navigate.  The tabbed interface lets you choose between library blogs, tech feeds, and news with a quick click of the mouse.  LibraryVibes currently features 27 popular blogs by and for librarians, 17 tech sources, and 12 newsfeeds.  That’s more than 50 top sources to keep you informed throughout the day!

As with all iBraryGuy offerings, LibraryVibes is free.  You do not need to be a member of Netvibes to use the site or enjoy its content.  Of course, we could not have created it without the hardwork and dedication of so many excellent bloggers out there.  To them go the real thanks!  We are just the eager middlemen in this great information economy.

We hope you enjoy LibraryVibes and will share it with your colleagues! Makes Microblogging Minimalist-Chic!

Microblogging… It seems like almost everyone is doing it these days!  Not without good reason, mind you.  The turnoff to so many in the early days of blogging was the complexity.  Blogging sites and blogging generally required a good bit of work and maintenance.  Then along came services like Tumblr and Posterous with their easy-to-use interfaces and no nonsense journaling.  The microblogs made blogging fast and easy and we among the first services to let you do it on the fly.  The iBraryGuy blog is currently hosted on the Posterous microblogging service which allows us to e-mail in our entries and then even posts them to other services for us.  Easy indeed!
Well just when it seemed that blogging could not get any easier, along comes the bare bones – and we mean BARE –  There has never been a more spartan blogging service.  Yet its simplicity is its appeal.  No pictures, no videos, no endless lists of smileys to choose from, is a basic text blog.  It bills itself as "elitist microblogging".  If by "elitist", the folks at mean "no frills", then they have hit the nail on the head.  It does not even require its own unique login.  You log into with your Google password! 
It's actually a cool concept and ideal for those who just want to keep a simple blog of random thoughts and musings.  Do not let the plain black text on white background fool you though . . . provides the one extra feature that most bloggers seek.  It does come with an RSS feed.  So your friends can subscribe to your postings.  RSS readers tend to ignore fancy formatting anyway!
So whether you are looking for a bit of old computing nostalgia or just want the most simple blogging experience possible, is worth the look.  They call it a "microblog" for good reason!

iBraryGuy is a Shorty Awards Nominee! We need your help!

Hello iBraryGuy readers!  We are excited to announce that iBraryGuy has been nominated for a Shorty Award in the #tech category.  The Shorty Awards recognize individuals and organizations that use Twitter as a means to reach their audiences and contribute meaningful discussion.  If you enjoy our blog, PLEASE consider casting a vote for our way.
There are two ways to do it:
  • Or from Twitter, tweet the following:  #shortyawards @ibraryguy #tech because librarians know info best!