In Print

From Westlaw Edge:


From Information Outlook:

  •  The Millennial Invasion (Nov 2004)

From Law Library Lights:

  •  Little Doll, Big Controversy (Winter 2004)

From The Information Management Journal:

  •  Electronic Mail: From Computer to Courtroom (April 2001)

From The Lawyers Journal:

  •  Approaching Web-based Legal Research Part One of Four: Beginners Basics
  •  Approaching Web-based Legal Research Part Two of Four: Focus on Courts and Cases
  •  Approaching Web-based Legal Research Part Three of Four: Focus on Laws, Administrative Codes and Legislative Histories
  •  Approaching Web-based Legal Research Part Four: Corporations and Business Resources

From The Internet Lawyer:

  •  Digital Images Gain Evidentiary Acceptance, One Pixel at a Time (Mar 1 2004)
  •  Is CIPA the End-all, Be-all, or Just Another Acronym Soon to Bite the Dust? (Feb 1 2003)
  •  Combating Terror on American Soil: A Dream or a Nightmare For American Citizens? (Jan 1 2003)
  •  Congress Declares War on Illegal Hacking By Joining the Crowd (Sep 1 2002)
  •  The Fate of Online Music is in His Hands; But Who is He? (Aug 1 2002)
  •  Cyberporn Foes Fight on Despite Setbacks (Jun 4 2002)
  •  Tauzin-Dingell Defying the Odds! (Apr 29 2002)
  •  Gone Are the Days of Snail Mail Requests for Court Dockets (Apr 4 2002)
  •  Copyright Infringers Beware! Operation Buccaneer is Coming to a Computer Near You (Mar 1 2002)
  •  How Patriotic is the PATRIOT Act? (Jan 1 2002)
  •  Will Internet Privacy be Lost To Fear of Terrorism? (Nov 1 2001)
  •  Online Sales Tax? May No Longer be A Question of Whether, But When! (Sep 1 2001)
  •  Online Copyright Called Into Question Through Efforts of Several Freelancers (Aug 1 2001)
  •  Internet Privacy Bill on Plate of Massachusetts Senator for 2nd Chance (Jul 1 2001)
  •  Congress Renews Assault on Spam After a Year of Disappointment (May 1 2001)
  •  Battle of the Freebies: Lexis and West Group (Mar 1 2001)
  •  The Click-Wrap Question: To Agree or Not to Agree to a Sites Disclaimer/Use Contract? (Feb 1 2001)
  •  Word to the Wise: Identity Theft is on the Rise (Nov 1 2000)
  •  Playing With Online Privacy Akin to Playing With Fire (Oct 1 2000)
  •  Deep Linking Land Mine (Apr 1 2000)


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