Back and with a Big Scoop!

Sometimes we all just need a break. That was just what I took after so many years of writing, blogging, and curating. But as I said at the time, it was not a good-bye . . . but rather a ‘see you later’. I am thrilled today to be able to say that ‘later’ is now! Today marks the return of both of my blogs, iBraryGuy (this one) and informed.JD. While iBraryGuy covers all things related to law libraries and the legal information profession, informed.JD is focused solely on technology for legal research and geared towards attorneys. I hope to see you on one or both!

But, in the words of so many great informercialists, that is not all . . . 

I am also excited to share that I have once again donned my curator’s hat and jumped back into the newsletter game!  The Librarian Scoop by Ozmosys is now live and I have joined the team as head curator – just call me Sir Scoopsalot!

Curating The Librarian Scoop is a labor of passion, and I am thrilled to help bring this invaluable resource to the market.  Learn more below about The Librarian Scoop or go here to subscribe.

What is it?

Built on the proven Ozmosys platform, The Librarian Scoop provides bi-weekly, actionable news for for law library and and legal information services professionals to better serve their firms and constituents.

As library services professionals, we know the pace of change is accelerating across the legal industry and that being informed of relevant news across a range of swiftly evolving business trends which may impact our firms, our attorneys and their clients is both a necessity and an immense challenge.

That’s why we are launching The Librarian Scoop by Ozmosys.  Subscribe Now!

The Librarian Scoop is designed to help you take part in the key discussions of the firm that impact your individual success, as well as the success of the firm and the firm’s clients.

How much does it cost?

The Librarian Scoop by Ozmosys is a complimentary service.  There is no cost for this incredible service designed to keep you informed while streamlining your content and making your jobs a little easier. It’s hard to get a better price than free.

Why should I trust the Ozmosys platform?

Ozmosys is the intelligence platform built for law firms and serving the needs of the library, marketing + business development as well as knowledge management.

In fact, for over two decades, Ozmosys has been serving some of the largest law firms and financial services organizations with their AI-powered market insights.  Learn more about Ozmosys here.

Why me?

I’ve dedicated my more-than-two-decade career to legal research and library services and am currently the Firmwide Director, Library Services for Am Law 20 firm, Sidley Austin.  I am passionate about curating information that helps improve the power and relevancy of library services.

How to get started

It’s easy to subscribe to The Librarian Scoop—just go here.  The Librarian Scoop will always be a complimentary service, but I am happy to answer any other questions you may have.

I look forward to providing this service and helping all of us add value to our firms.






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