This Fall: iBraryGuy goes Full TILT!

TILT PNG LOGOIn the three years since we launched this second version of the iBraryGuy blog, a lot about the legal information profession has changed. From the jobs that we do, to the ways in which we do them, to the very tools that we use to make our value known, the industry has undergone some incredibly exciting developments. It has been a wonderful time to be both a law librarian and a blogger marking the pace of that evolution.  In the spirit of these advances, iBraryGuy is also about to go undergo another change of its own.  Join us on Monday, September 28 as we unveil our new and expanded blog – TILT.

TILT stands for Tomorrow’s Information & Legal Technology and it is dedicated to issues on the cutting edge of our profession.  We are going to be talking about applications and online resources, putting the spin on industry news and developments, and debating new ways of enhancing our old tricks.  TILT will not be just about rolling with the punches that often come our way in the legal world, but anticipating them and throwing a few of our own in advance.

Are you ready to go full TILT?  John and Stosh are looking to round up some regular contributors and occasional guest bloggers.  Drop us a line if you are interested.  We would love to help you get your voice – the voice of the profession – heard!

Stay tuned for news on our new URL and Twitter feed!



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