This Fall: iBraryGuy goes Full TILT!

TILT PNG LOGOIn the three years since we launched this second version of the iBraryGuy blog, a lot about the legal information profession has changed. From the jobs that we do, to the ways in which we do them, to the very tools that we use to make our value known, the industry has undergone some incredibly exciting developments. It has been a wonderful time to be both a law librarian and a blogger marking the pace of that evolution.  In the spirit of these advances, iBraryGuy is also about to go undergo another change of its own.  Join us on Monday, September 28 as we unveil our new and expanded blog – TILT. Continue reading “This Fall: iBraryGuy goes Full TILT!”

iBraryGuy & Pinhawk Team Up for the One-Two-Punch!

Pinhawk iBrarGuyOur goal at iBraryGuy is to keep you in the know when it comes to news, trends, and cutting edge technology in the library and information professions.  To that end, we are excited to announce a brand new collaboration with a partner that is just as committed to the vitality of this industry as we are.  iBraryGuy is honored and delighted to be working with the folks at Pinhawk It is a one-two-punch designed to keep you at the top of your daily game! Continue reading “iBraryGuy & Pinhawk Team Up for the One-Two-Punch!”

Opportunities at iBraryGuy!

Have you seen the new look and feel of iBraryguy?  The future of information truly is now!  In our quest to be one of your go-to sources for news, reviews, and opinions on all things info-related, our team is looking to take on the world!  Well, we are at least looking to take on the world of library and information blogs! In our quest for world domination, we have some opportunities for you. Continue reading “Opportunities at iBraryGuy!”

iBraryGuy is Growing!!!

While the rest of the United States is putting its feet up for a long weekend of rest and relaxation, the folks at iBraryGuy will be using the Labor Day holiday to expand their reach and their core team. We are growing again and could not be more excited!

New Faces

First the biggest news . . . The iBraryGuy team is honored and delighted to be welcoming Stosh Jonjak to its core of bloggers and editors. Stosh is a Research Services Librarian with Reed Smith, LLP in Pittsburgh, PA. An up-and-comer in the legal research and information industry, he focuses his expertise on digital trends, applications, and implementing technologies to satisfy the information needs of his patrons. Stosh’s presentation on mobile technologies for legal research to the Legal Division of SLA last year has garnered thousands of views and remains wildly popular.

iBraryGuy founder, John DiGilio, is still with us and will moving into the position of Editor-in-Chief. He is the National Manager of Research Services at Reed Smith LLP and has had a very full plate of writing and speaking engagements both in the industry generally and as Treasurer of the Special Libraries Association. He is most excited to welcoming new blood to the team!

Enhanced Features

In addition to adding new faces to our team, we are also excited to be rolling out more content and enhancing our suite of offerings. The driving goal behind iBraryGuy has been and remains to keep you in the know when it comes to the changes facing our libraries and our profession. Our focus is on the technology that is disrupting and evolving both what we do and how we do it. In that spirit, we have rethought and reinvigorated what this site has to offer.

We recently told you about our curated news and social networking services. The Daily INFOrmant is our daily eNewsletter for librarians and information professionals of all stripes. It is powered by and it looks great! Using the! platform, we have also just rolled out our new Legal Information Dispatch. Focused on our colleagues in the legal industry, you can follow it via! itself or RSS. We are working to offer it as a monthly eMagazine soon. Stay tuned!

In addition to these new services, team iBraryGuy is also changing up its site and twitter feed. Hopefully you are following us! Starting next Monday, we will be updating the main site twice weekly. We will kick off the week with our new “App of the Week” review, discussing the good, the bad and the downright ugly when it comes to emerging online and mobile research technologies. Thursdays will feature the “Weekly Soapbox”, where we discuss the big issues in the industry and reach out to your for your own thoughts. It should be educational and fun!

New Collaborations & Partnerships

Everything that we offer here through the iBraryGuy site is free. There is no charge for our newsletters or any of our feeds. We just ask that you tell your friends and colleagues about the work we are doing. In addition, John and Stosh are both available to speak to your organizations or write for your own online and printed publications. We are happy to negotiate financial support for engagements that require travel or large amounts of time. You can look at our Speaking Schedule here on the site to see our up-coming appearances or check out our Selected Publications page to access some of what we have written.

We are always looking for new partnerships, collaborations, and support. Contact us directlywith any ideas you may have or to sponsor this site and help us keep it free for librarians and information professionals everywhere!

A New Year, a New iBraryGuy!

Happy 2011!

Welcome to a new year and a new iBraryGuy.  Just over a year old now, we have been listening to your feedback and considering your suggestions.  Our New Year’s Resolution?  We want to bring you more of the news and features that interest you – library and information professionals – throughout 2011.  And we want to do it in a way that is both intellectually engaging and visually pleasing.  We are pleased today to unveil our newest incarnation!

The new iBraryGuy is cleaner and more streamlined to help you get to the content faster and with fewer distractions.  WordPress continues to be our platform of choice as it gives us the most control and functionality.  We have, however, spruced up the template and cut out the fluff.  iBraryGuy remains ad-free!  Come see our new look and let us know what you think.

The new iBraryGuy is not just about looks however.  We are unveiling some new features in the days ahead as well.  In addition to the news and reviews you have come to expect from us, our goal is to bring you MORE in 2011.  Here is some of what you can expect:

  1. More News Coverage:  We have chosen Pinyadda as our primary source for sharing information and library industry news.  They make posting the news quick and easy, as well as provide us with a forum by which we can weigh in on what is happening.  So you can expect more frequent news items from the iBraryGuy team daily.
  2. More Opinion:  We are excited to introduce the Wednesday Soapbox!  One day each week is now dedicated to not just delivering news and reviews, but also delivering thoughtful and hard-hitting commentary on the latest.  We will be welcoming some guest authors here as well as delivering our own weekly rants and raves.
  3. More Event Reporting:  With iBraryGuyOTR (On the Road), you will be able to keep updated with what is going on at major library events around the world.  If you want iBraryGuy to cover one of your events, just let us know!
  4. More FUN!:  We all like to laugh once in awhile.  By the time Fridays roll around, we tend to really need a little levity.  We are designating the last day of the standard work week as Friday Fun.  Expect to see sites that will make you smile and hopefully, for a few minutes, forget just how taxing the week may have been.
  5. More You:  We work in an amazing industry that is full of fascinating people.  We are not just saying that to butter you up or because we want you to read our blog (and we do!).  We mean it!  We love our librarians and info pros and we want to share you with the world.  Each month, we will be profiling one of you . . . one of our very own.  We call this new series “PROFiLES” and will be launching it this month!  Stay tuned!

The iBraryGuy team is ready and raring to go in this new year.  We thank all of you for your support throughout our infancy and for helping us grow.  If you like what we do, please share our link and our Twitter feed with your colleagues.  Together, we can make 2011 a successful year for all of us!

Best Wishes,

The iBraryGuy Team

Netvibes + iBraryGuy = LibraryVibes, News for the Info World!

The iBraryGuy team knows how much our audience loves being on top of the latest developments in the world of libraries and information technology.  So we are always hard at work trying to find new and enjoyable ways of bringing the latest and greatest to you.  One of our side projects designed to help you keep your finger on the puls of our profession is a blog and news aggregator that we have lovingly dubbed “LibraryVibes“.

Created on the powerful NetVibes platform, LibraryVibes brings you some of the best library, technology, and news feeds in a format that is as easy on the eyes as it is to navigate.  The tabbed interface lets you choose between library blogs, tech feeds, and news with a quick click of the mouse.  LibraryVibes currently features 27 popular blogs by and for librarians, 17 tech sources, and 12 newsfeeds.  That’s more than 50 top sources to keep you informed throughout the day!

As with all iBraryGuy offerings, LibraryVibes is free.  You do not need to be a member of Netvibes to use the site or enjoy its content.  Of course, we could not have created it without the hardwork and dedication of so many excellent bloggers out there.  To them go the real thanks!  We are just the eager middlemen in this great information economy.

We hope you enjoy LibraryVibes and will share it with your colleagues!

iBraryGuy unveils iPhone App for Librarians & Info-Pros!

Exciting News from iBraryGuy!!!
The iBraryGuy team is pleased to announce the release of iBraryGuy for iPhone!  Our new, FREE app is designed to bring the best of the library and info social web to your iPhone.  With the iBraryGuy App, you can access our content and that of some of the best library and information blogs in the internet from any place you have 3G or WiFi access.
The iBraryGuy App is simple, yet powerful.  The initial screen upon opening the app is a live feed of iBraryGuy content, streamed directly from our blog.  With a click of the InfoBlog button, the entire web of library and information blogs is opened.  The InfoBlog section provides a live feed from our Librarians.Collected collaboration at Collected.Info. Librarians.Collected features over 30 (and growing) of the best and most popular blogs by and for librarians and info-pros.  If you know of any blogs that we should add to the list or have one you would like us to remove, please let us know!
We'd appreciate any feedback you can offer and hope to have an Android version available later this year.  Oh, and did we mention, iBraryGuy for iPhone is FREE?
iBraryGuy for iPhone . . . News for the Info-Minded!

Exciting “News” from iBraryGuy: New Year, New Look, New Features!

If you have visited the iBraryGuy site lately, you certainly noticed something different.  iBraryGuy has a brand new look and a hot, new set of features.  Your support of our microblog and Twitter feed over the last 6 months has been overwhelming.  We cannot thank you enough.  In a sign of our appreciation, the iBraryGuy editorial team is delighted to be able to roll out a new look, more robust and interactive features, and share with you some big news about upcoming offerings.
The New Look and Features:
As of Monday, iBraryGuy has a brand new look and some cool new functionality!  Our single-column format has expanded to three columns of library and info goodness.  Our daily blog of news and reviews is still front and center.  However, our new mini-columns provide access to newsfeeds from Librarians.Collected (one of our side projects) as well as our own Twitterfeed. We have also provided access to our archive as well as an events calendar, tag cloud, and library photo stream.  We are particularly excited to add functionality that will allow you to share iBraryGuy features with your colleagues via a plethora of popular social networking platforms.  And check out the new Wibiya tool bar at the bottom of the screen for a truly interactive experience.
The Blogroll:
Worth special mention is our new blogroll.  Here you will find quick and easy links to some of our most popular side projects.  The iBraryGuy team scours the internet daily for hot and happening library and information blogs.  When we find them, we add them to one of two (or both!) of our aggregators.  You have probably read our postings on Libarians.Collected and LibraryVibes before.  Each takes a slightly different approach to bringing the best blogs under one roof.  We enjoy them both and are commited to keeping them up to date for you, our library colleagues.  Thanks to our new blogroll, they will each be a click away.  Is your blog listed?  Let us know!  Also, do not miss our link to the customized Google News section on librarians, libraries, and information.
Coming Soon – The iBraryGuy App!
Yes, coming soon to a smartphone near you is our first iBraryGuy App!  Designed to provide you with a mobile version of our blog, our new app is optimized for small screens.  As an added bonus, our app will also feature a live stream from Librarians.Collected.  Think of it as having all of the best library and info blogs right in your pocket!  The iPhone version is up first and is in its final approval stages.  Plans are underway for an Android version as well.  Best of all, our new app, like our sites, will be completely FREE!  We just ask that you let us know what you think and send us suggestions on how we can improve our services.
Thank you all for helping us make iBraryGuy a success!