iBraryGuy & Pinhawk Team Up for the One-Two-Punch!

Pinhawk iBrarGuyOur goal at iBraryGuy is to keep you in the know when it comes to news, trends, and cutting edge technology in the library and information professions.  To that end, we are excited to announce a brand new collaboration with a partner that is just as committed to the vitality of this industry as we are.  iBraryGuy is honored and delighted to be working with the folks at Pinhawk It is a one-two-punch designed to keep you at the top of your daily game!

Starting last month, iBraryGuy founder John DiGilio joined Nina Platt as co-editor of the Pinhawk Librarian News Digest.  Published Monday through Friday, this newsletter provides a daily overview of news for librarians in law firms and other professional environments. John and Nina curate the news from such diverse sources as blogs, vendor web sites, and celebrated professional publications.  Click here for a sample of the Librarian News Digest.

If keeping your thumb on the pulse of this profession is important to you, then you need to be subscribed to both iBraryGuy and Pnhawk.  A subscription to the daily Pinhawk Librarian News Digest is free.  All you have to do is sign up!

More on Pinhawk, LLC:

PinHawk helps thousands of professionals keep up to date through emails and web alerts. Corporate clients use our service to promote their brand, inform and educate their employees and business partners, and generate revenue.

PinHawk LLC is a privately held company formed in 2005 with principal offices in the Financial District of New York City. We’re dedicated to finding creative ways to collect and disseminate web published content of interest to our subscribers and clients.

More on iBraryGuy.com:

 iBraryGuy brings you the latest trends from the information and library industries. From the latest news to gadget and app reviews, thought-provoking opinion pieces from the trenches, and the occasional bit of infogeek fun, our goal is to celebrate the value of librarians and information professionals in this age of information and knowledge!  iBraryGuy is produced Monday through Friday each week. Guest writers are always welcome.





One response to “iBraryGuy & Pinhawk Team Up for the One-Two-Punch!”

  1. Joel Fishman Avatar
    Joel Fishman

    Congratulations John on joining PinHawk. We are well served by you. Keep up the good work..


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