The Conference Circuit Keeps You Current!

Few things keep us info pros as current and connected as our beloved conferences.  From tradeshows to colloquia, there seems to be something interesting going on every couple of weeks.  Staying on top of it all can be more wearisome than the work week itself.  Thanks to Don Hawkins and his blog  The Conference Circuit, we can now keep current without having to leave our desks (except to attend a conference or two ourselves, of course!).

Readers of Information Today will know Don from his monthly conference column there.  Having worked in the information industry for over 30 years, he has come to be a bit of a conference maven.  Don knows where all the good meetings are and knows how to make the most of them.  As a conference blogger, he captures his experiences on the road with great detail, excellent insight, and a god bit of humor.  Through words and pictures, Don brings the industry’s best conferences directly to you.

Don recently covered the Special Libraries Association annual conference in Philadelphia.  It comes to life on The Conference Circuit through a series of very interesting posts and first-hand impressions.  Sure, our “60 Sites in 60 Minutes” session did not make Don’s blog.  But we will not hold that against him . . . this year.  😉

So keep an eye on The Conference Circuit for the conferences you can’t attend.  It is the next best thing to actually being there!





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