Death knell for Posterous?

Posterous has been an iBraryguy favorite in the “microblogging” wars that have seen Tumblr rise to a place of prominence.  Though we certainly like Tumblr for its amazing ease of use, there is just something more elegant  . . . more professional . . . to the workings and look of Posterous.

Earlier this week, Twitter announced that it had acquired Posterous.  The initial question was what this meant for Posterous, moreso than Twitter.  Would the site survive?

According to the message sent to Posterous users, the site is staying available for now.  There was no mention of suture support and development however.  Not a good sign.  News outlets such as CNN are reporting the Posterous engineers have already been assigned to other projects within Twitter.  Also not a good sign.  Perhaps the most telling news is that Posterous has advised its users that any disruption in service will be preceded by a warning and that they are already preparing instructions to assist users who wish to migrate their blogs to other sites.

Though we would hate to see Posterous go, it appears that the handwriting is already on the wall … er, web ….  It will be interesting to see what happens next for both Posterous and Twitter.  Twitter has certainly picked up some new talent.  Sadly, it could mean the end of one of the web’s cooler blogging platforms.





2 responses to “Death knell for Posterous?”

  1. Jaye Avatar

    Do you think Twitter purchased Posterous for the talent rather than the software?


    1. John DiGilio Avatar
      John DiGilio

      I really do, Jaye. I cannot imagine Twitter supporting a microblog. Posterous had some real talent and Twitter has plenty of use for it. SHould be interesting to see what comes of this.


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