Text.io Makes Microblogging Minimalist-Chic!

Microblogging… It seems like almost everyone is doing it these days!  Not without good reason, mind you.  The turnoff to so many in the early days of blogging was the complexity.  Blogging sites and blogging generally required a good bit of work and maintenance.  Then along came services like Tumblr and Posterous with their easy-to-use interfaces and no nonsense journaling.  The microblogs made blogging fast and easy and we among the first services to let you do it on the fly.  The iBraryGuy blog is currently hosted on the Posterous microblogging service which allows us to e-mail in our entries and then even posts them to other services for us.  Easy indeed!
Well just when it seemed that blogging could not get any easier, along comes the bare bones – and we mean BARE – Txt.io.  There has never been a more spartan blogging service.  Yet its simplicity is its appeal.  No pictures, no videos, no endless lists of smileys to choose from, Txt.io is a basic text blog.  It bills itself as "elitist microblogging".  If by "elitist", the folks at Txt.io mean "no frills", then they have hit the nail on the head.  It does not even require its own unique login.  You log into with your Google password! 
It's actually a cool concept and ideal for those who just want to keep a simple blog of random thoughts and musings.  Do not let the plain black text on white background fool you though . . . Txt.io provides the one extra feature that most bloggers seek.  It does come with an RSS feed.  So your friends can subscribe to your postings.  RSS readers tend to ignore fancy formatting anyway!
So whether you are looking for a bit of old computing nostalgia or just want the most simple blogging experience possible, Txt.io is worth the look.  They call it a "microblog" for good reason!





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