Review: Meet, Greet, & Remember with Evernote Hello

Evernote, the company famous for its elephant logo and apps that let you make notes, save them, and then take or access them digitally almost anywhere, has been seeking to expand its reach. In its quest to become as ubiquitous as the mobile technology we carry, Evernote has been targeting niche markets with specialized versions of its popular application. For foodies looking to hang on to recipes and meal photos, there is Evernote Food. For readers, there is an Evernote Clearly app that promises a distraction free reading experience. Of interest to us is their networking application for professionals on the go – the newly revamped Evernote Hello.

Keeping up with all of the business connections we make can be a daunting task. From vendor reps meeting us where we work to the tradeshows and conferences we attend where the business cards flow almost as freely as the complimentary drinks, we shake a lot of hands and quickly forget a lot of faces. Evernote Hello is designed to make the whole meet, greet, and remember process a heck of a lot easier. Even better, it helps you take these connections a step further with calendar and social networking functionality.

For the full review, please see our new BFtech column for the Business and Finance Division of the Special Libraries Association.






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