Review: Pocket-ful of Goodness

Times and technology may change often, but old habits seldom do.  We often come across articles and items that catch our eye, but not at the most convenient of time.  Setting something aside to read later is a second nature activity for most of us busy professionals.  Back in the old days, we cut out pages or photocopied articles and threw them into our “read later” piles.  In the early age of computers and the internet, we printed out those items abd threw them into the same pile.  Today, technology is taking away the pile, but not the urge or the need to hang on to things for follow up at a later time.  Pocket is just one of many apps that are designed to let you create a virtual “read it later” pile without the need for unseemly stacks of paper.  For its convenience and cross-platform connectivity, it is one that we highly recommend.

Formerly known as “Read It Later”, Pocket lets you take articles, images, and even videos that you come across online and quickly and easily save them for later viewing.  You can then revisit those items at your convenience from your computer, tablet, or smartphone with relative ease.  PC or Mac?  No problem.  Pocket sits on the web and works with all browsers.  Android or iOS?  Pocket has you covered.  There are apps for both and they are free!  Your content is available wherever you are and in a way that meets your own technological preferences.

Perhaps most compelling about Pocket is its clean, attractive, and dynamic interface.  The items you save can be tagged and favorited.  Searching is a cinch.  Saved content appears as nicely-rendered thumbnail images to make recall and selection easy and the full-screen reading functionality is excellent.  It really look fabulous on mobile devices.  It sure beats a pile of disheveled sheets of paper on the corner of your desk!

Finally, we are not the only ones that have recognized the power and convenience of Pocket.  Many of the most popular news apps have already built in Pocket functionality.  Flipboard, Zite, and even Twitter are already on board.  Hundreds of other apps have also added Pocket connectivity to their own offerings.  A little ubiquity goes a long way!  If you haven’t tried it out yet, you do not know what you are missing.

Our recommendation?  Put Pocket in . . . well . . . your pocket!

Thumbs Up

        • Clean Interface
        • Muliple Platforms
        • Tagging & Searching
        • Already Integrated with Popular News Apps
        • FREE





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