News to Use: Lexis Advance wins CODie Award!

Lexis Advance has been named the winner of the 2013 SIIA CODie Award for Best Legal Information Solution. Rising above some stiff competition, the company’s new single search platform was chosen for its “intuitive, visual interface, sophisticated browse-functionality and pre- and post-search filters so that users of all experience levels can easily personalize, analyze and manage their research.”

Earlier this year, iBraryGuy editor John DiGilio was invited by the good folks at FreePint to write a mini-review of the product. Accoding to the FreePint site,

Our reviewer, John DiGilio, calls it, “arguably the most inspired product the company has released since the launch of its original flagship system”. He’s a particular fan of the simplified yet powerful search, topic summaries and straightforward pricing. This new platform for serving up Lexis’ deep and wide legal content deserves a closer look (and FreePint intends to commission a more detailed report later in 2013).

FreePint subscribers can read the full mini-review here. If you are not reading FreePint, check them out today!





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