60 Sites to take a bow at SLA Chicago Conference

After many years of standing-room only crowds and rave reviews, the wildly popular “60 Sites in 60 Minutes” is ending its run at the annual SLA Conference & INFO-EXPO this year. Hosted yearly by SLA’s Legal Division, 60 sites features a fast and furious exploration of some of the hottest and hippest sites for information professionals. If you want to get a seat, you are going to want to get their early.

60 Sites in 60 Minutes is a labor of love produced by John DiGilio of Reed Smith LLP (A.K.A., iBraryguy) and Gayle Lynn-Nelson of LexisNexis. They have been collaborating on this session for several years now and have been humbled by the overwhelming response it has received. No matter how big the room has been, there has never been enough seats. Attendees have literally sat on the floor between sections and stood several deep in the back of the room.

“It’s been an amazing run,” said DiGilio, “But we wanted to take a break and open the floor to new blood and newer, more innovative presentations.” Whether this is good-bye forever, or just for now, remains to be seen however. “I can certainly envision this being re-imagined and rebuilt with the changing market in mind,” he said, “For now, though, we are looking forward to bringing down the house one last time.”

60 Sites in 60 Minutes: The Last Dash!

Monday, July 16, 10:30am – 11:30am @ Convention Center, Room E451B

This wildly popular session that explores new and under-utilized Websites returns for another year. Fast-paced and fun, if offers a glimpse of what you may be missing on the Web.

Tricia Thomas, Alston and Bird LLP

John DiGilio, Reed Smith LLP; Gayle Lynn-Nelson, LexisNexis

PRESENTED BY: Legal Division
SPONSORED BY: Fastcase, Inc.





2 responses to “60 Sites to take a bow at SLA Chicago Conference”

  1. Liz Avatar

    Are the slides posted anywhere yet?


    1. John DiGilio Avatar
      John DiGilio

      Hi Liz!

      They will be up shortly. Gayle and I were both on the road this week still.



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