Talk Back Tuesday: Encyclopaedia Britannica – Brilliance or Blunder?

Welcome to Talk Back Tuesday on iBraryGuy 2.0.  This is your chance to make you opinions heard.  We invite you to take our poll and to sound off on timely topics by using the comments section below.

This Week:  Encyclopaedia Britannica Goes Totally Digital

After 244 years of publishing one of the most widely regarded encyclopaedias on the planet, the folks at Encyclopaedia Britannica have made a startling announcement.  There will be NO MORE PRINTED volumes.  Instead, the company will be focusing on digital media and applications that will deliver the same venerable and scholarly content.  The goal is to fully embrace the digital age and to solidify Britannica’s respected brand in the world of new media.  Was it a wise choice?

The company has reported that sales of its printed sets have been in decline for over a decade.  The public’s love of all things mobile and electronic is without question.  So it almost seems a natural progression for a publisher of Britannica’s stature to pursue such a progressive course.  Few in the public, however, saw this coming.  Reactions have been far ranging, with digital luminaries praising the leap, and old school book lovers lamenting the loss of a paper masterpiece.

So we are putting the question to you, our readers.  Has Britannica made the right decision or was it too much too soon?  Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.  It’s “Talk Back Tuesday” and we want to hear from you!





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