Daytum distills life’s little details!

They say that the devil lies in the details.  We librarians and info-types tend be very detail-oriented.  Yet, keeping track of life’s minutae – you know, those little details that are so easy to ignore – is often a challenge for even the best of us.  Thanks to Daytum, there is now a site and an app for doing just that!

Ever wonder how many times you run to the store in a week?  Or whether you are getting your money’s worth at the gym by working out frequently?  Here’s one . . . how many times this week have you said that certain word you are trying to remove from your vocabulary?  I know what you are thinking.  Why even worry about such seemingly small stuff?  well, you would be surprised just how handy the tiniest details can be and what you can learn about yourself from them.  Daytum makes it easy – and we dare say fun – to track even the most mundane daily statistics.  Simply sign up, decide what you want to track, and then use Daytum to make tracking it a cinch.  For instance, the iBraryGuy team is using it to track our outreach efforts.  We are logging the blog posts we make as well as all the tweets and e-mails we send. It is so easy.

Not only is Daytum easy to use, but the simple elegance of its interface and functionality is stunning.  You can view the data you are tracking in a myriad of ways and change the visualization with a click.  Charts, lists, totals, averages, and items can be displayed quickly and easily.  You can even adjust the timespan being viewed.  It is really quite brilliant!  For you iPhone users, the Daytum app makes updating your statistics on the fly a breeze.

Daytum is the brainchild of Ryan Case and Nicholas Felton.  You data hounds may already be familiar with Felton.  He has been producing his famous “Annual Reports” of his life since 2005!  It is free to sign up to use the site and the iPhone app is free to download.

Give Daytum a look.  You might just be surprised by what you learn about yourself!






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