Friday Fun: Think you have it bad? Check out Please Fire Me!

With so many uproars and bombshells this week (re: ABA Journal, Thomson Reuters news, etc.), the iBraryGuy team decided that our friends and colleagues could use a little levity today.  The collective librarian blood pressure is too high.  So we are bringing it down a few notches.  Consider it a smile from us to you to get your weekend underway!

So you think you have it bad?  We all do once in a while.  The true challenge is to not let a bad moment ruin a whole day or even a bad day ruin a whole week.  Life is too short and too full of good things to dwell on those crumby times in which we wished things were better.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder that when things are bad for us, they are probably worse somewhere else for someone else.  A little bit of laughter can go a long way.  The next time your boss or your coworkers get you down, check out PleaseFireMe.  It may just give you the giggle you need to drive those doldrums away.

PleaseFireMe is more than a blog for unhappy workers.  It is an online b*&#@fest for the “malemployed”.  Perhaps you know some of these folks.  They are the ones with the truly awful jobs . . . jobs that make the rest look like a walk in the park.  It is amazing what people will say when given the forum to do so.  Then again, it is sometimes amazing what people will tolerate to make a buck.  PleaseFireMe is a revolution in employee feedback.

Now we do have a warning, we are merely recommending that you give your overtaxed brains the occasional break by checking out this site.  We are in no way advocating it as a sound, safe, and sane way to voice your own work frustrations.  Heck, the world being as small as it is, we may even know who you are based upon what you post.  Having said, we would rather not know that any of our friends or colleagues was actually let go for venting on PleaseFireMe.  😉

Have a great weekend!!!

The iBraryGuy Team





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