Free Digital Media with Your Latte? Starbucks Digital Network debuts!

Just when it seems like the trend is for coffee shops to be cutting back on free Wi-Fi access, Starbucks delivers a double-shot to the competition.  Just months after announcing that it was making WiFi available for free to all customers, the coffee giant is serving up something innovative.  Guaranteed to tempt your taste for cool exclusives, Starbucks has unveiled its new Digital Network.

The Starbucks Digital Network is a partnership between the coffee chain and Yahoo!.  A hot blend of premium content and lots of freebies, featured providers include such iTunes, the New York Times, USA Today, Women’s Health and more. As long as a patron is inside Starbucks, all of this content is free via laptop, netbook, iPad, and even smartphone.  From free books and news to exclusive music and movie downloads, Starbucks is clearly aiming to bring folks in its doors and keep them there for a bit.

Starbucks is promising that its Digital Network will offer content for all ages.  Nick Jr. Boost has already signed on as one of its family and child-friendly content providers.  It is also working with location-based services like FourSquare and Zagat to create an online hub for neighborhood resources.  Locals and travelers alike will be able to read up on local attractions and eateries while savoring their mochas.  Add in cool features like being able to read the news, enjoy an eBook, watch the latest movie trailers, and download free music and you get a real taste for what Starbucks has in store.

The Starbucks Digital Network is already going live and coming to a Starbucks near you.  More than just a sip of the WiFi / digital revolution, it is a big ol’ gulp of awesome.  We’ll take a venti to go . . . no . . . make that stay a while.

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