Scheduling a mess? Untangle it with!

In today’s global society, scheduling meetings can be a real pain.  Technology has managed to make the world smaller thanks to video conferencing, virtual meeting spaces, and VoIP calling.  One thing it has not done is make it that much easier to get people together at one time, across time zones.  Luckily, is trying to change that.

What is  Well, to quote their own tagline, is “scheduling made easy”.  Need to set up a conference call with colleagues in Caracas, besties in Beijing, and allies in Adelaide?  Don’t get tangled up trying to figure out time differences, let do it for you.  This site litreally makes scheduling meetings with folks far and wide a snap.  It accounts for time differences and brings diverse schedules together for you.  How?  By syncing with most major calendar applications.

An account on is free and easy to set up.  Once you sign up, you simply sync it with your calendar. is currently compatible with Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Entourage (Mac) and Lotus Notes.  It notes times that you are busy and available and displays them as such on your personal calendar page.  The details of your busy times remain comfortingly private.  Whether you are looking to plan or meeting or others are looking to propose one to you, it is simply a matter of choosing several open and available slots. handles the communication, syncing of participants calendars, and sharing of details.  Talk about a time saver!  There are even apps for iPhone and Blackberry.  So it’s mobile too. is not your typical calendar application.  In fact, it is not meant to be a calendar at all.  Rather it is designed to enhance “your existing calendar, giving it the flexibility and agility you need to easily schedule meetings with anyone, inside or outside your company, no matter what calendar type they’re using”. puts your calendar on steroids and gets it to do some of the legwork for you.  The iBraryGuy team has tried it out and we were impressed.  Who says the best things in life aren’t free?





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