Read Print rocks! Thousands of free online books!

Whomever it was that said the best things in life are free certainly had today’s featured site in mind.  Read Print, a simple, yet elegant site for reading enthusiasts, puts the best price ever on thousands of online books, poems, and stories.  Yes, the VERY BEST price.  Materials on Read Print are 100%, absolutely, positively, and undeniably FREE!

Intrigued?  The iBraryGuy team was, so we checked it out.  Suffice it to say that we are impressed.  Read Print alreadys boasts an amazing library of over 8,000 books by more than 3,500 authors.  Fiction and non-fiction, plays and poetry, short stories and even essays, this online library has it all.  Neatly accessible through both clicks and search, Read Print’s library is well organized and simply laid out.  Their lists of top books and authors are very helpful, as are the links to search by title and author.  Read Print even has an online search for quotations from the authors and works in its library.  What else can we say, except “sweeeeeet!”

The one caveat to using Read Print is that you have to read the books online, through your browser.  You cannot download them to an e-reader, for example.  However, the enhanced online “reading mode” makes this far less cumbersome than one might expect.  For those using netbooks, iPads, or other portable devices, this is particularly handy.  We read some of Poe’s works on Read Print with little trouble at all.

To get anything for free these days (Have you seen the global economy?) is a rare treat.  To get something high quality for free is even more difficult.  It is a joy to see a site bucking that trend when it comes to literature.  Read Print’s offerings are well-presented, easy to read, and free of errors.  It’s almost asking too much.  It is why Read Print earns our praise and is our site of the day!





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