Take a swing. This Pinyadda is FULL of Goodies!

Do you love reading the news online but are sick of the crazy and often irrelevant commentary that so often follows it today?  Anyone who is wondering what is wrong with the world today just has to look at the lack of civility when it comes to how people comment on news sites.  There is more of the angry, the misinformed, and the off-base than there is of comments from people who care enough about the news to have an open and civil discussion.  Well, don’t give up on the online news yet.  Just change how to get it and share it.  Take a swing at Pinyadda and unlock the delights it has in store for true news hounds!

Pinyadda is not your run of the mill news aggregator.  No sir!  This fantastic site let’s you have your news and share it too.  When we say “share it”, we mean thoughtfully, respectfully, and openly with a community of news readers who care about comment and conversation just as much as you do. 

Pinyadda is a news aggregator with an interesting social twist.  Yes, you can follow and add news feeds from all kinds of sites.  Pinyadda will bring your feeds to you organized by site and topic.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the site does.    Using their unique “Pin It” feature, you can share stories with other Pinyadda members and add your own commentary, thoughts, or reaction.  They can respond and a real, meaningful conversation starts.  You can follow users with interests similar to your own and they can follow you as well.  This lets like-minded users see what each is pinning.  You can even use Pinyadda to “pin” news stories to your Twitter and Facebook feeds!  You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to what you do with the news that matters most to you.

As with all emerging social network systems, Pinyadda is also developing its own incentives system.  By pinning stories, you earn points and unlock badges.  There are also badges based on the number of pins you make.  Pin stories from the same sites repeatedly and you become an ambassador to that site.  Pin stories repeatedly from the same topic and you become an expert . . . or “maven” in Yadda-speak.  You have to defend these titles, however, by continuing to pin stories, lest they be taken away.  This keeps the interaction flowing and meaningful.

Pinyadda is a bold, new concept for news lovers – one which the iBraryGuy team has come to really appreciate.  You see, we love news and need our fix.  However, we can do without “the crazy” that is online news comentary these days.  Pinyadda is our new home for meaningful interaction when it comes to the stories that matter most to us.  Won’t you join us?





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