Looking for a killer RSS app? Try FeedKiller!

RSS and news aggregators are a dime a dozen these days.  From sites that bring all your feeds to one place to RSS readers that you can install on your smartphone.  There is a veritable cornucopia of apps from which to choose.  Some are complex to set up and many require some sort of membership.  For those looking for an easy, yet powerful solution to handling RSS and news aggregation, look no further than FeedKiller.  It really is . . . well . . . killer!

FeedKiller is a sleek, no nonsense site that allows you to take your favorite feeds and combine them into one.  You name the resulting feed and choose all of the individual feeds that go into it.  You can even specify how many stories from each of the individual feeds should be ported into the resulting combined feed.  It cannot get much easier!

FeedKiller is free to use and appears to be ad supported.  There also does not appear to be a limit to the number of feeds you can add.  The only thing the iBraryGuy team thought could make it even more killer would be the ability to modify a combined feed after you have created it.  It seems to us that you simply have to start over each time.  Luckily, as we said, it is so easy to use.

Take FeedKiller for a spin today!





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