BookMooch makes book sharing fun! #librarians #libraries #books

If you love books as much as we here at iBraryGuy do, then you know just how hard it is to part with ones that you have read.  Throwing away a book is NEVER an option for us.  If you are like us, then you probably would rather see your used books end up in the hand of people who will enjoy them as much as you did.  With BookMooch, you can trade books with other avid readers in a fun online community.

BookMooch is not like other book sharing sites.  Whereas many others work on the honor system, this one runs on an actual points system.  You earn points by entering books into the database and offering them as giveaways.  You earn even more points by actually sending them out.  The points you earn can then be “spent” to acquire books from other Moochers.  You have to give books to get them.  In fact, BookMooch’s rules require that you give away at least one book for every two that you receive.  It’s a pretty cool system!

International sharing is not only permitted on BookMooch – it is encouraged.  You actually earn more points for sharing your books internationally.  You can request books from other countries and even in other languages.  Another neat feature of BookMooch is the “Wishlist” that allows you to specify the titles in which you are interested.  As you earn points and the books on your list become available, they will be sent to you.

BookMooch is free to join.  You can donate points to charity and even help support the service by purchasing books from Amazon via links on the site.  So do not throw away your old books or let them languish on dusty shelves.  Share them with BookMooch.  You will make someone’s day and maybe even save a little money in the process.







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