Historious is bookmarking magic!

Bookmarking.  We all do it and it can be quite a burden.  For most of us, it is a constant process of selecting, organizing, tagging, reorganizing, retagging . . . well, you get the picture.  Bookmarking for most of us has been a great deal of work.  Thanks to Historious, it no longer has to be such a bear.

Historious is nothing short of bookmarking magic.  A few easy steps are all that stand between you and a searchable archive of your favorite sites.  It works something like this:

  • You find a site you like.
  • You bookmark it to Historious using a bookmarklet or browser extension.
  • You use Historious’ built-in search to recall the sites you have bookmarked.

Voila!  It could hardly be any easier.  Historious saves a copy of the site exactly as it exists when you bookmarked it.  This is perfect for those of us who like to bookmark particular stories.  You do not need to organize or tag your bookmarks as Historious takes care of all the indexing in the background.  It actually allows you to search the full text of the site you bookmarked.  So you may only a remember a few words or part of the title, but Historious will still find your site.  Try that with standard bookmarking applications!

Accounts on Historious are free.  You just need to register.  The bookmarklet is easy to install.  If you are using Google’s Chrome browser, there is a Historious extension that you can add to it.  You can even add Historious to your browser’s list of search sites.  Simple, elegant and powerful.  That is Historious.  We love it!






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