Google’s groovy new image search rolls out!

Change is once again afoot in the hallowed online halls of Google.  Not everyone can see it just yet, but Google’s popular image search is getting a pretty radical makeover.  Here’s what is going on . . .

Google’s image search has been around for quite awhile now.  Popular, it has remained fairly untouched over the years.  Most folks have gotten used to running the search either directly in the image search interface or switching to it from the main Google search page.  The standard results have long been a page of 10 (though you could change it to be as high as 100) image results.  Each image was neatly framed with a little big of info at its base.  By the end of the week, however, this will have changed for everyone.

Google’s new image search results page is still clean and neat.  It is just . . . well . . . BIGGER.  The image results now appear without the bordering frames in what is often referred to as a “lightbox” format.  Instead of the standard 10 images or limit of 100, users can now see up to 1000 images on their results pages.  Gone from the main screen are the notes and text that used to appear beneath each image.  To see these, you now have to mouse over the image.  It is a bold new look to say the least.

Google’s new image search is really something to behold.  Though it may be visual overload for some, the new results interface is really quite slick and well done.  Best of all is that even at 1000 image results on the page, your results will still load as quickly as ever.  By the end of the week, the new Google image search will be available to all.  If you cannot see it yet, do not fret.  Your feast for the eyes is coming soon!






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