Library Routes Project gathers OUR stories!

If you are a librarian, chances are two things are true about you.  First, you love your job.  You don’t just like it, you LOVE it.  Second, you are constantly being asked either why or how it is you ended up becoming a librarian.  Chances are good that you have already gotten tired of answering those questions.  Yet, they seem almost compulsory for any of us in this venerable and exciting career.  Truth be told, we librarians tend to tell our stories with pride.  Now there is an awesome wiki that is gathering those stories for posterity.  Special thanks goes out to reader Sara Batts in the UK (@Batty_Towers on Twitter) for recommending today’s site – The Library Routes Project.

The Library Routes Project is wiki that documents and links to the personal stories of library and information professionals from all over.  Started in October of 2009, it invites both bloggers and non-bloggers to write about their library roots (what got them into the profession) and their library routes (how their careers have been shaped).  It is a brilliant concept and an excellent resource for anyone contemplating a library or information career.  Heck, it’s a great place for even us seasoned library-types to reaffirm our committment to the field or simply find a quick pick-me-up!

Getting your story onto The Library Routes Project is easy.  If you are a blogger, just post it to your own blog and then link it to their online list.  If you are not blogger, they offer the chance for you to create a page for your story right on their wiki.  Full instructions are provided.  Reading the stories others have left is as simple as clicking the links on the main page.  By our last count, The Library Routes Project was already home to over 120 personal accounts of librarianship and info-pro careers!

So what are you waiting for?  You have probably already told your own story hundreds of times.  Why not put it down one more time for all to see.  Check out The Library Routes Project and share your roots and routes today!





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