Nothing on the tube? Try Blip.TV!

These days it seems like whether you subscribe to cable or satellite, even if you are still using rabbit ear antennae, there is never anything good on television.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of stations from which to choose and yet most of us still end up channel surfing.  Many times this is because TV programming runs on its own schedule and not ours.  DVRs and other recorders can help, but you still have to know when your programs are on to record them and then remember to set the recording.  Well, why channel surf in hopes of finding a show, when you can web surf to find exactly the shows you want?  Blip.TV is a web site chock full of original programming that is available when YOU want it.

Blip.TV is NOT network television.  Nope, it is better!  This is independent creativity at its finest.  From sitcoms produced by college comedy troupes to cooking shows filmed right in the host’s kitchen, Blip.TV is unique programming by and for “the little guy”.  How expansive are its offerings?  Well, the site actually already hosts over 50,000 independently-produced Web shows.  Network TV and cable can’t touch that! 

The iBraryGuy team’s personal favorite, either because we are always on diets and like to torture ourselves or because we simply love food, is Cindy Harris’ “Nothin’ But Muffins”.  Cindy has taped almost 20 episodes in which she bakes and shares her favorite muffin recipes.  The best part of it all is that with Blip.TV, we can watch any of the episodes any time we want.  Episode 17’s strawberry muffins are on constant replay in our homes!

Like normal television, the programming on Blip.TV is full of the good and the bad.  What can you do?  Some folks put a lot into their productions, others not so much.  It is up to you to choose your favorites.  The good news is that Blip.TV does enforce some fairly rigorous standards and, as part of its commitment to community relations, does not allow adult or pornographic material.  This is family-friendly broadcasting, folks.

So the next time you are tired of the television line-up, put down your remote and pick up your keyboard.  Tune into Blip.TV and take control of your programming!





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