Friday Fun: Make Word Art with Wordle

To round out the week, we thought we would recommend a little fun.  Today’s site actually came to our attention thanks to the fine folks at #Fastcase and their exellent blog.  They recently featured some cool word art that they made by feeding the text of seminal Supreme Court cases into an online app called Wordle.

Wordle is a sweet, java-powered application.  You can cut and past some text into it, direct it to a web page that has an RSS or Atom feed, or give simply enter a username.  Wordle will then analyze the text and tags to create a word cloud.  But what’s so artistic about a word cloud, you may ask.  Well, Wordle actually lets you control colors, layouts, fonts, languages, and even which words to include.  The results can be quite stunning!

Wordle is free to use and you can even use the Wordles you create for your own commercial or personal purposes (t-shirts and bookcovers come to mind!).  Not a bad deal!

Below is the Wordle created when we feed our own iBraryGuy RSS into wordle.  We gave it a bit of an African flare in deference to the World Cup.  Make your own.  Enjoy!





One response to “Friday Fun: Make Word Art with Wordle”

  1. Tim Baran Avatar

    I’ve used this – love it!


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