Bing unveils cool, new entertainment search.

Not all that long ago, it seemed as though the search engine wars had been won and gone dormant.  Then along came Microsoft’s Bing and soon the battle to be the best search engine was again heating up.  Bingest latest offering, a vertical search for music, movies, and games is sure to throw fuel to the fire.  If you have not yet seen it, it is called Bing Entertainment, and it is pretty darned cool.

Bing Entertainment is specifically designed to not only let you find movies, music, television, and games that may interest you . . . but also to make accessing them via iTunes, Amazon, Zune and others as simple as possible.  Search for a song and you will not only get info on the song and its artist, but also its lyrics, a chance to preview the tune, and even the ability to buy it.  The same is true of movies, television shows, and video games.  You can watch trailers or episode teasers, read reviews, and link to official sites.

Bing Entertainment is more than just a search.  It has a social component.  You can comment and share you favorite media with friends thanks to integration with Facebook and Twitter.  On the search side of things, however, Bing Entertainment is pretty powerful.  Search all media at once or focus just on movies or music or television or games.  From the main page, you can even explore some of the most searched media items for the week in the nifty “What’s Hot” section.

For those looking for the latest media break-outs, Bing Entertainment is a welcome addition to the search world.  Microsoft’s latest attempt to make a dent in the Google juggernaut appears to be one of its best yet.  Not great for Google, but certainly good for the rest of us!





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