Stateline is State Politics Independently Stated!

With so much partisanship in the United States these days, finding an unbiased voice is almost as difficult as finding a Libertarian at a pro-healthcare rally (Well, ok, one that is rallying in support of the administration’s plans).  Regardless of part affiliation, or lack thereof, sometimes you just want to get the straight skinny on what is happening in American politics these days.  Thanks to Stateline, you need look no further than their website.

Using a professional staff of writers, Stateline provides the latest political news from across the 50 states.  The writing is original and, thankfully, independent.  Stateline is a project of the venerable, non-profit Pew Charitable Trusts.  The stated goal of the site is to “enlighten public debate on topics of importance at the state level, including health care, taxes, immigration, social policy, education, energy, environment, criminal justice, homeland security, transportation and elections.”

Stateline is updated daily and is very easy to use.  The site is VERY visually pleasing and the quality of the content is top-notch.  So much of the news we see and read is national / federal in focus.  Stateline provides a wonderful alternative for anyone seeking to keep up with what is going on closer to home.





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  1. […] last year at the SLA Conference when he presented “60 Sites in 60 Minutes”) posted his review of Stateline, a portal compiling political news from all 50 states.  Stateline is nonpartisan political writing […]


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