For Tech News, Ars Technica is Tops!

Tech news sites are literally a dime a dozen these days.  So many seem to look and feel the same.  When we first discovered Ars Technica, we were pleasantly surprised with its refreshing interface and interactivity.  It was an even bigger surprise to learn that AT is a Conde Nast site.  That’s right, it comes from the same folks behind so many of the popular travel and lifestyle magazines.  These folks know media and they certainly know how to make AT stand apart in a crowded field of tech news services!

Ars Technica is not your run-of-the-mill technical news and reviews site.  It’s contributors write with wit and honesty and with an eye on the arts as well as the technical sciences. In addition to the expected news and reviews, users will also find how-to tutorials and buying guides, as well as special features. The site is deftly organized into practical chunks, with sections dedicated to business, hardware, gadgets, media, and policy.  There is even something for devotees of Apple, Microsoft, and gaming.  The user forums round out the site’s offerings very nicely. We particularly enjoy their live feeds from major industry events, like the Apple unveilings.  They’re the next best thing to being there!

If you are looking for a fresh approach to getting your tech news fix, look no further than Ars Technica.  It breaks the proverbial online mold!






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