Drop.io makes file sharing drop-dead-easy!

As e-mail systems crack down on the size of files that users are allowed to receive, it is becoming increasingly difficult to share large documents, media clips, and other big files with distant friends and colleagues.  Don’t fight the system.  Get wise and drop your files with Drop.io – a real time sharing site that makes it as easy as two clicks. 

With Drop.io, you can share files in real time by web, email, mobile, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and even iTunes.  You simply upload a file, set any security and privacy requirements you may have, and then let your contacts know that the file is there for their access.  It is REALLY quite easy.  Best of all, it is FREE!  A premium version is available for those who need even more functionality.

The iBraryGuy team used Drop.io, with great success, to share a PowerPoint and its accompanying handout with hundreds of attendees at the 2009 Special Libraries Association annual meeting and conference.  Want to see how it works?  Check out http://drop.io/60sites.





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