Tie Up Your Interests with TWINE!

Twine is a hot concept that is making the news these days.  Imagine being able to discover, organize, and share information in a way that mimics social networking without all the fluff.  That is what Twine is all about!  With Twine, you can collect bookmarks and other information, organize it in ways that make sense to you, share it with others having the same interests, and even get recommendations for additional information that matches your interests.  It sounds like Twine has a lot going on right?  It sure does, but it is all happening in the background and is presented to you in a way that is both user-friendly and attractive.  It is also kind of fun!

Twine is a free service.  You sign up, create a profile, and then enter your interests.  Twine will learn from you as you view various “Twines” on the site and begin making recommendations for items that may be of interest to you.  You can join different Twines that may appeal to you and/or even start your own.  Great fun!  In fact, check out the “iBrarians of Tomorrow” Twine!

Thanks to its recent acquisition by real-time, web search and discovery engine EVRI, Twine’s future is looking pretty bright.  Both companies have promised to revolutionize the semantic web and their timely combination creates the “industry’s most comprehensive consumer semantic search & discovery company”.  Exciting stuff!  Stay tuned!





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