Map, Schmap! (Rather, Schmap for maps!)

Why use a boring old map, when you can use Schmap?  I know . . . “What’s a Schmap?” you are thinking.  Well, these are not the same old (albeit VERY helpful) maps you find on the other popular sites.  No sir!  SCHMAP takes interactive mapping to new heights, integrating maps, photos, and place reviews.  Schmap is actually a publisher of digital travel guides that now cover over 200 destinations worldwide.

Schmap Guides actually allow you, the end user, to publish your own “schmaps” and thus share your itinerary, as well as reviews of places you have visited.  Use the Schmap widgets to put these on your blogs and other sites!  By using the “Schmap.Me” feature, you can even publish mobile-friendly maps to help friends and folks find you or your events.  Pretty cool!  Schmap also has versions optimized for the iPhone and Nokia smartphones.

The next time you need to know where you are going or want to share your travel with others, don’t map it, Schmap it!






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