breathes new life into dead-end searches for the deceased!

Nobody likes to think about death.  However, like taxes (especially here in Chicago), dying is a fact of life.  Like so many other facts of life, it generates a data trail which can become part of a research project.  Sometimes, it is not enough to tell a searcher that the human subject of their research has passed away.  Sometimes we need to know where the deceased’s final resting place lies.  Enter  It’s like an OPAC of the dead (Yes, we just said that)! provides free, online burial records from over 5,000 cemeteries from around the world.  You can search across all the records or just browse burial lists by location.  There are even special collections dedicated to such things as national and flooded cemeteries and California missions.  The site is well organized and extremely user-friendly, is a little spartan in its design.  But then again, an overly lively site might be just a bit too much when it comes to research of this nature!  In an interesting twist to the site, the folks behind also offer an RSS feed of new cemetery trascriptions and their own blog!  It is a great site for historical, genealogical, and – yes – even skip-trace searches!

If you are dying to know where someone is buried, is the place to start digging.  And with that, we are done with the deadly puns.  😉





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