When it’s time to get social, you need Social Times

Getting a grip on what all the social networking buzz is about these days is no small task.  Mastering it and keeping on top of the latest developments in social media is even more difficult.  Adding the Social Times to your professional reading list is a great step in the right direction.  When you need to get you head around the social networking phenomenon, you need to consult the Social Times!
More than just a blog, the Social Times is a hub for news, tools, tips and tricks.  It is dedicated to bringing you the best in social media coverage.  Additionally, Social Times hosts networking events around the country to build a sense of community beyond the online social networking world.  Founder Nick O'Neill is an industry expert on the social networking industry.  His style is "no holds- barred commentary and insightful analysis on social networking and social media".  He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the country.
In addition to its running blog, you can follow Social Times via Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feed.  Check it out today!





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