Jury duty online? InstantJury is the People’s Court of Cyberspace!

No doubt, many would argue that jury duty is about as popular as a root canal.  Though it is a legal and civic duty, it is not something to which most people look forward.  So then how is it that a website dedicated to solving disputes before online, armchair juries is gaining in popularity?  Perhaps there is something to be said for decided cases in your pajamas.  Whatever the reason, at InstantJury, court is always in session!

The concept behind InstantJury is a novel one.  Whether it's an argument over where to go for dinner or whose fault an accident was, parties can plead their cases online and get a quick result.  The judges and juries come from an eager pool of at-home participants.  Unlike actual courts, there is no fee to file your case with InstantJury.  Signing up to be a judge or sit on a jury is also free.  However, also unlike real courts, the decisions of the judges and juries are not legally binding.  No, this site is all about vindication . . . winning one in the "court of public opinion".  Dare we say that it is actually kind of fun?  We know, also unlike actual courts!

InstantJury has been earning its share of press lately and has even begun expanding internationally.  Who would have thought justice would become so popular!  Then again, courtroom drama has been a staple in entertainment for ages now.  With InstantJury, it makes a grand leap onto the web.  To that, we gladly raise our gavels!






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