Disaster in Haiti: We can help!

Dear Library & Info Colleagues,
By now, we have all heard about the devastating earthquake that has caused a staggering loss of lives and property in Haiti.  If you have had the stomach, you may have even seen some of the pictures and videos that are only now making their way to the media outlets.  The images are shocking and sad.  Haiti's capitol has been virtually destroyed, and with it, countless lives.  Our hearts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters in this poorest of nations.
The editorial team at iBraryGuy is departing from our usual stream of library news and views today to call attention to the massive need that now envelopes Haiti.  We stand in solidarity with those who lives have been forever changed by this disaster.  We hope that many in the global library and info industry will join with us.  Below is a list of organizations that are taking donations now to help Haiti in this time of emergency and loss.
Haiti, the world is with you today . . .
To donate:
Thank You,
John & The iBraryGuy Team





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