Seesmic & A Social Networking Marriage Made in Heaven!

There has been a great deal of buzz on the ‘net today regarding the acquisition of by Seesmic.  For those unfamiliar with either of these companies and/or their applications, let’s just say that this tidy combo is the first really big social networking news of 2010.  It’s a match made in cyber-heaven!

Seesmic is one of the more popular microblogging clients available today.  Up until now, it has been working with Twitter and Facebook, bringing the tweets and status updates you follow directly to your desktop or smartphone in a nifty column format.  We here at iBraryGuy have been using it for several months and are enamored of its easy use and streamlined interface.  Using Seesmic, you can follow, repond to, and retweet the tweets and status updates of others, as well as sending your own.  It’s a great way to go if, like us, you follow a lot of folks in social netverse. has also been revolutionizing the social networking stratosphere.  Anyone who has accounts on multiple social networking applications knows how difficult it is to keep them all updated. Ping’s raison d’etre is to allow users to update them all at once.  In fact, makes updating up to 50 of these networks a snap!  It’s tagline is “Post from Anywhere > > to Anywhere!”.  Talk about a powerful time saver!

Combining the power of Seesmic with the reach of is a real coup and should excite any hyperactive social networker.  With the prognosticators hailing another big year for the growth and importance of social networking, more of us are exploring ways to incorporate it into our work and professional lives.  Whether you are new to social networking or looking to refine how it is you do it, checking out Seesmic with is a great way to get on the right path.





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