iBraryGuy asks, “What is your Professional New Year’s Resolution for 2010?”

Well here it is . . . the last day of 2009 and our last blog post of the year.  We started iBraryGuy just six months ago.  While we were certainly hoping this little blog of our would catch on, we were still overwhelmed by the support of our readers.  Thank you all!  Each of you has been a bright spot in what was definitely a trying year.  Our little editorial team wishes each and every one of you a safe and happy New Year.  May 2010 bring you new joys, new successes, and fulfillment.

Our last posting of 2009 is a simple one.  We are going to share our professional New Year’s Resolution with you.  A new year brings hope and promise, but to seize it, we must go into the year with our own hopes and promises.  Won’t you please join us in sharing your professional hopes for 2010?  Together we can generate some really positive energy with which to kick off the new year and renew this wonderful profession of ours.

iBraryGuy’s New Year’s Resolution: 
In 2010 we will do more with less, not because we have to as much as we want to.  We will renew ourselves, our skills, and our unwavering dedication to quality customer service.

Please share your professional New Year’s Resolution in the comments below.  It will only take a minute to do our profession a whole year of good!







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