iBraryGuy’s Best of the Best 09: Best Scandals Lists

Another year is quickly drawing to a close.  It is that time of the year during which all those “Best of” lists begin popping up.  From books to music to movies and even moments, everyone has an opinion on what were the best of 2009.  We at iBraryGuy are no different. However, with so many available “best of”  lists out there, we decided to decline the chance to reinvent the wheel and publish our own lists on specific topics.  Instead, we thought we would help our readers find some of the best of the “best ofs”.  Between now and the end of the year, we will be sharing them with you.

Best of the Best of 2009:  Scandals

Oh la la (as our French friends say), what would a year be without its scandals!  They shock us, amuse us, and sometimes horrify us.  No matter how bad they get though, it doesn’t seem to stop them from happening year after year.  And where would our media be without the juicy, sensational stories to balance out the real news that matters?  😉  Face it, without the scandals, lunch breaks and standing in line at the grocery story would just not be the same!  Here are some of the best scandals lists for 2009, in no particular order:

  • The Week:   The Week is one of our favorite news magazines here in iBraryGuyland.  It’s news summaries from around the world just cannot be beat.  One of its strongest points is the way in which it presents various views on a topic.  This year, The Week is offering a month by month look at the 12 biggest controversies that shaped public opinion.  You can get an eyeful here.
  • CREW:  CREW is the acronym of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a non-partisan group promiting ethics in the American government.  They have published a rather impressive report in PDF of the top scandals in Washington this year.  It is quite a read and an admirable effort!  You can find their report here.  
  • Time Magazine: Time Magazine is offering a whole bunch of Top 10 lists this year.  Their list of lists is rather extensive!  One of our favorites is their list of the top 10 scandals of 2009.  You may feel the need for a shower after reading this one here.
Ah scandals!  We love them.  We hate them.  We love to hate them.  They bring the high and mighty back down to earth and sometimes even make celebrities out of unknowns.  This year certainly had its share.  We can bet that 2010 will be no different!






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