iBraryGuy’s Best of the Best 09: Best “Best Headlines” Lists

Another year is quickly drawing to a close.  It is that time of the year during which all those “Best of” lists begin popping up.  From books to music to movies and even moments, everyone has an opinion on what were the best of 2009.  We at iBraryGuy are no different. However, with so many available “best of”  lists out there, we decided to decline the chance to reinvent the wheel and publish our own lists on specific topics.  Instead, we thought we would help our readers find some of the best of the “best ofs”.  Between now and the end of the year, we will be sharing them with you.

Best of the Best of 2009:  Headlines

Wow, how exactly does one create a list of the best headlines from a year?  Do you choose the most shocking?  Or is the the most hopeful that people want to see?  Perhaps, one could focus on the funniest or most off the wall.  No matter how you approach it, creating a list of the best headlines of 2009 has to be daunting task. There was just so much, good and bad AND bizarre, going on!  Today, we featuring lists composed by sources who were up to the task.  Truly, these are some interesting reads!  Here are some of the best “Best Headlines” lists for 2009, in no particular order:

  • Newsweek:    Newsweek’s list is a wonderful rundown of some the wierdest and wildest headlines of the year.  Someone had some fun gathering these!  From stoned wallabies to half-naked santas, this list is not to be missed.  You can grab a few good laughs here.
  • Yahoo!:   Dedicated to more than just headlines, Yahoo!’s annual “Year in Review” site endeavors to capture the biggest news and trends of the year.  The 2009 site has everything from the first African American President of the USA to Susan Boyle’s jump from unkown to best-selling recording artist.  You can catch up on everything you missed (or need to be reminded of) here.  
  • Foreign Policy: Foreign Policy Magazine has a unique best of list when it comes to the news.  They have a list of 10 top stories that they bet you missed last year.  They even tell you why these overlooked stories are so important.  Want to know what you missed this year?  Find out here.
In a world where news, really well-written and unbiased news, is at a premium and the airwaves are jammed with all kinds of information, sorting out the best and biggest is a real labor.  If those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it, then we have our work cut out for us in revisiting the lessons of 2009.  Hopefully, today’s “best of” sites are a good start in memorializing the year that was!





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