Want to follow the most popular Twitter users? Don’t just search, Twiangulate them!

With so many people using Twitter these days, how do you find those who are really posting the best information?  Don’t you wish you could follow the most popular and prolific?  Or maybe you want to know which experts your experts are following?  Searching the Twitterverse for the best, brightest, and most followed tweeters is by no means a small task.  Well, thanks to a cool new service, you can stop searching blindly and TWIANGULATE them instead!

Thanks to Twiangulate, finding valuable new Twitter streams to follow is as simple as entering the Twitter names of your favorite tweeters.  Yes, it really is that easy!  Twiangulate lets you enter the IDs of up to three Twitter users and then shows you which tweeters they are following in common.  It also gives you the basic stats on each of the users you entered: how many people they follow, how many follow them, etc.  You do not have to register with the site to use this cool search.  However, signing up is free and provides access to even more neat features, such as: hiding the names you follow, watched searches, search recommendations and more.

Twiangulate is so straight forward and easy to use that there is not much more we can say.  Give it a try.  You may just discover a treasure trove of tweeters to follow!





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