Mister Wong is weally social bookmarking done just wight!

With so much great stuff on the Web today (and conversely, so much junk as well) Social Bookmarking is a very big deal these days.  Netizens want to be able to store, organize, manage, annotate, and share their favorite Web sites.  They especially want to be able to access their favorites from any place, at any time, on any Internet-connected computer.  There are many sites and services that provide for some form of social bookmarking.  One of the better ones worth noting is the interestingly named, Mister Wong.

Mister Wong allows its users to search for the best sites on the web, save and manage their favorites, access their accounts from anywhere, and connect with Twitter and Facebook to import interesting links.  Best of all, for all of its functionality, Mister Wong is FREE!  It even offers a plethora of tool bars, buttons, gadgets, and plugins to make using the service as seamless and simple as possible.  For you mobile types, Mister Wong also offers two flavors of its service that are optimized for smart- and web-enabled phones.  Too cool!

Launched in 2006, Mister Wong has grown to become Europe’s largest portal of its kind with over 7 million monthly users.  In addition to English, it is available in German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and French.

You simply cannot go wrong with Mister Wong!






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