Simply Hired revolutionizes the job hunt . . . simply!

In times likes these, job security is on everyone’s minds.  Unfortunately, for many, so is the job search.  The unemployment figures are staggering and competition for job vacancies is stiff.  Simply Hired is a beacon of hope in these difficult days.  Its simple, yet feature-rich suite of tools just might make finding that dream job a whole lot easier and more manageable!

The creators of Simply Hired had a single goal in mind – creating a single site where job seekers could easily search all jobs available on the web.  What resulted is no small feat to say the least!  Simply Hired aggregates job listings from thousands of websites including the leading job boards, company career sites, newspaper classifieds, non-profit sites, government sites, and more.  It’s an amazing one-stop-shop for job hunters!

Do not be fooled, however.  Simply Hired is more than just a job search.  The site packs in some great and unique features that make it stand out above similar job search sites.  Yes, you can search company names and job titles and even locales.  That is standard.  However, after you run your search, Simply Hired lets you filter the results with additional keywords or using special filters that focus on things like the Fortune 500.  Specialty searches are even offered to cover company qualities such as  mom-friendly, dog-friendly, eco-friendly, and GLBT friendly companies.  How cool is that?!?!  One of our favorite features allows you to link Simply Hired to your LinkedIn account.  Doing so will let you see who you may know at companies that are hiring.  Talk about a neat way to get a virtual foot in the door!

Accounts on Simply Hired are free and recommended.  By signing up, you can save listings, make notes on the listings you have saved, and even rate the opportunity for follow-up.  You can save your searches and even turn them into an RSS feed.  Your Simply Hired account will also allow you to map the jobs that interest you and set up handy e-mail alerts for new job postings.  Aside from an actual job with the company, there is not much more for which you could ask them.

Simply Hired’s tag line is “job search made simple”.  It should also be “job search made powerful”, because that is really what Simply Hired is all about.  An impressive set of job hunting tools, this site is a real bright spot in a tough job market.  Check it out today!