iGoogle is Going Bye-Bye & We’re Bummed!


How is it that we only today noticed the little alert on our beloved iGoogle page saying that the service was going away?  It was shock.  Then horror.  Then sadness.  With all of the flops Google has released in recent memory (Wave, Buzz, Plus . . . ), the personalized homepage feature that is iGoogle was by far one of our favorites.  It was so nice to go to one place to get an overview of our e-mail, calendar, news feeds, and a whole host of fun and informative widgets (Confucius Quotes anyone?).  NOW WHAT WILL WE DO?

If you are an iGoogle user, you have until next November (yes, 2013) to wean yourself off of it.  The mobile version will be gone sooner.  You can read the announcement here.

We haven’t felt this vulnerable since our AOL homepages were taken away.  There is no joy in iBraryGuyville tonight.