iBraryGuy 2.0 Launches!

Finally!  A new year (OK, so we are three months in!) and a new look has come to iBraryGuy.  My self-imposed hiatus has come to an end! I put this blog on the back burner in 2011, so as to focus on my duties as Chair of the Legal Division of the Special Libraries Association.  It was an amazing, rewarding, and BUSY year to say the very least.  Now that it is done and the Division is in excellent hands, it is high time I got back to what I do best . . . blogging about the things that capture my interests as a librarian.  From the latest sites to the coolest apps to those issues that keep us going as information professionals, iBraryGuy is back and better than ever. Continue reading “iBraryGuy 2.0 Launches!”